Yasmin Kidwai

proYASMIN KIDWAI is a Delhi-based award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Committed to making films that sparks meaningful dialogue and drive change, Yasmin has focused on rural and social development issues for the better part of two decades. Her work has effected changes in government policy and pioneered methods of funding and showcasing films.

Yasmin’s film, Where Do I Go From Here?, (2002) became the fulcrum to the demand for change in Government policy for greater protection for the rights of the aged. 

With Chukker, Around Polo, (2007), Yasmin pioneered crowd-funding for documentaries in India. For the first time, a documentary found a larger elite audience beyond the festival circuit. Her film – screened in exclusive venues – imagined and created a new platform to interact and open the door for corporate funding for future films. 

Shot in Madhya Pradesh and released over 5 years, Jaagrut Itni Ki Chhanchhanaa and Rogi Kalyan Samiti were films that explained women’s role and rights when reservation
in Panchayati Raj was introduced in the country.  These films contributed also to the creation and success of Government initiatives such as self-help-groups.

Yasmin’s film, Indian Symphony, (2011) presenting India’s strong economic growth story was screened at the World Economic Forum in Davos by the then Prime Minister.

In 2011, Dreams and Triumphs captured behind the scenes of the Commonwealth Games with a national Television release on Doordarshan.

Yasmin’s most recent work is the critically acclaimed film, No Problem!, set at The Barefoot College, Tilonia(Rajasthan, India) and in Africa. Documenting the palpable change in the lives of women from two continents, the film has won accolades at several film festivals. Among these is the coveted Ousmane Sembene Films for Development Award – the highest award presented at the Zanzibar International Film Festival to a film that presents a development issue in an entertaining manner.

The film garnered praise from the jury as “a skillful documentary by a visibly confident and compassionate female director…”.  

Yasmin is currently using No Problem!, as a platform for change, dialogue and interaction to support women in gaining skills which will allow them to contribute to bringing solar power to their communities.